Youth Leadership

Talent Match London is a programme designed and delivered with young people. Young people make decisions about how the programme should be run and have a key role in supporting other young people on the programme.

How does youth leadership happen?

Governance of the programme and Youth Boards – Talent Match London Youth board is made up of young people from across the partnership who support with the running of the programme at all levels. Each of our lead delivery partners have their own youth board. They ensure that all young people engaged with Talent Match London are able to inform how the programme should be run making key decisions about the development of the programme, and also leading on their own development.

Participants on the programme

Young people participating in the programme are also facilitated in ensuring they are leading their journey to employment, and supporting in making their won decisions about their future, as well supporting each other and influence the broader programme.

Youth leadership and delivery

The ‘5 Point Youth Pledge’

Developed by the Talent Match London Youth Board, the ‘5 Point Youth Pledge’ was designed for the youth board to evaluate the delivery of the programme from the point of view of a young person. The youth board wanted to be able to gain their own knowledge of the programme, from all involved and feed this back to the partnership.  This method, in my opinion, offers a fresh perspective on how we understand and learn about the impact of Talent Match London on young people.  Furthermore, by doing this, we will be able to find better ways to support Talent Match London delivery partners to work effectively with young people to meet their goals.

The ‘5 Point Youth Pledge’ is based up five key pledges, created and agreed by the Talent Match London Youth Board.

The elements of the 5-Point Youth Pledge are:

  1. We pledge to be advocates for Talent Match London;
  2. We pledge to be a partnership which is youth-led at all levels;
  3. We pledge to be an ‘easy to reach’ partner;
  4. We pledge to put young people first;
  5. We pledge to ensure young people experience the 5 pillars.

With these pledges, we ensure that the programme is delivered in a way that welcomes, supports and involves young people. This method also encourages young people to steer and lead elements of the programme.

Tips for ensuring youth leadership

A key point to remember when thinking of Youth Leadership is that it is really focused on young people making the solutions. Young people are not only the best people to ask about current issues that young people are facing but also what we should be doing to solve it. Always remember to ask:

  • WHAT are the issues?
  • HOW should we deal with them?

How to move beyond youth participation to youth-leadership?

To make sure any programme is fully youth-led, organisations can use Harts ladder of participation to measure what stage they have reached.