16 May 16

Be Prepared and be Suited for AUE!

Armour Up for Employment (AUE) is a unique youth-led ‘work ready’ academy, delivering employability skills in an innovative way, peer to peer! AUE was created by a group of creative young people from the Talent Match London Community Links youth board. The project’s mission statement is  ‘To Armour our generation with the insight, knowledge and power to unlock each individual’s full potential, in turn, providing all with the opportunity to create their own path for success’.

With a wide variety of different skills, the young founders have created a unique learning structure for young adults from 18-25 who are not in education and are unemployed.

The AUE team pitched their idea at the City Hall for the Mayors Fund on Thursday 3rd December 2015. The day also consisted of numerous groups presenting their idea in front of a panel, which was made up of some of London’s biggest movers including Jamal Edwards, the young entrepreneur responsible for SBTV, all trying to win the fundraising for either £500 or  £3000.

Not only did the AUE team come prepared with a detailed presentation of their business plan, they also came equipped with lots of confidence and passion which resulted in them winning  £3000 of funding! 

The AUE team say,  ‘We are so excited to launch our new peer led academy, and we cannot wait to learn on this journey together with the participants. We are determined to  grow and succeed as a generation together’. AUE was launched on  Friday 29 April 2016 at Community Links, don’t forget to attend and follow them on Instagram #AUEmployment