After leaving school at sixteen, Jody had no idea of what career he wanted to pursue.

He was unemployed for a year before he eventually began working at a fast food chain. After a year Jody felt unsatisfied with his role and left his job.

It was then that he joined Talent Match London and got involved with the Youth Board. “Working to secure employment and work experience opportunities for other young people, taught me so many skills. Doing presentations at the business breakfasts helped develop my communication skills and gave me the confidence to speak to senior business managers. I also learnt how to work in a professional environment”.

During one business breakfast Jody was approached by an employer who recognised his excellent communication skills and recommended he consider a career in recruitment. Jody took on her advice and has since managed to carve out a long-term career in recruitment. Speaking on his new career Jody said, “Before Talent Match London I never imagined I would be doing anything worthwhile, now I’m in a rewarding job with prospects”.

Being a Talent Scout is just absolutely great, I love it. We’re building that bridge with employers,but not only that, its run by us young people. We go out there and get the other young people and convince them and motivate them. We tell them “Listen, there are jobs out there and we’re going to help you.Talent Match London does all these things others don’t do. You’ve got Beth and Deji and they talk to us individually and ask us what we want to do and they help us and get us pathways for how we’re gonna get there


Talent Scout, Hackney CVS partnership

On the other employability programme I was on, everyone was just ‘blah blah blah’ and I didn’t know what half of the things meant so I was feeling like I was being signed up to anything and everything, but here they actually sit with you, they explain it to you so you actually understand what you’re coming in for. I like it because when you talk to them about your goals and what you’re planning to do, they all listen to what you say and they remember, so later on they ask you ‘You said you were going to do this, how did that go?”

Kelly Rose

Participant, Collage Arts

We just sit and talk to each other and work out what I want to do and how to get there. Then we move on to looking at specific opportunities that will get me there.


Participant, Community Links

I think being on the youth board and being a part of this programme for other people our age is really important, because a lot of young people are moaning about the government and other authority figures sort of abusing their power over young people. So I think, if that’s the case, take your power back yourselves and be involved in something that’s to do with young people.


Youth leader, Community Links

The person I was working with, Taz, she showed me all the applications she had found for me and we went through it and I’ve actually found a job now. I’m going to be an administrator at a primary school nearby where I live.


Participant, Collage Arts

…Something different. That’s what Talent Match brought to the estate. They didn’t bring [the same employers], they brought big employers that i would never otherwise get the opportunity to meet.


Participant, Hackney CVS

They (Talent Match London)  understand young people and it’s easy to talk to them….they understand our needs and work according to that


Former Participant, Community Links