12 Nov 15

Journey of Change in animation!

The Talent Match London youth board have created an animation to show the Journey of Change a young person on Talent Match London goes on.

The animation was designed and created by some of the participants on the programme with the help of Curious Kid; a non- profit organisation who specialise in graphic design and online videos.

“We generated ideas, developed a storyboard, wrote the script, recorded the voice over and had one to one sessions where we animated the story”, recalls Talent Match London Youth Board member Cassie. “The idea of the animation was to show an anonymised, gender-less young person with no ethnicity who is initially without direction but gets pulled out of a ‘hole’ by joining Talent Match London”.

“They are then supported on their Journey of Change with personalised support, incredible opportunities, and gain a sense of achievement and self belief with options opening up for the future. We think that any young person in a similar situation could recognise themselves in the main character”.

The process of making the animation, was also a great opportunity for the youth board to explore the world of digital animation and learn about the different career paths involved.

“For me personally, I think it’s opportunities like these, which trigger a fascination about a certain area that you might develop into a fulfilling career”, adds Cassie.

The animation was launched at an external learning event hosted by Talent Match London in association with ERSA (Employment Relations Services Association).