Latest Programme Data

March 2018

Since January 2014, when we launched Talent Match London, 2455 young people aged 18-24 that were previously out of education, employment and training have been supported. To date:

  • 735 young people have started work, with a further 315 having sustained employment for six months or more
  • 64 young people have turned their idea into a reality by starting a business. A further 15 have been running their business for at least 12 months

Download our latest programme data report for full details of the young people that Talent Match London is reaching and the outcomes they are achieving – including a breakdown of those young people who were previously not being supported by statutory support services.


Hidden in Plain Sight: Young Londoners unemployed yet unsupported

February 2018

‘Hidden’ young Londoners are typically aged 18-25, are not engaged in employment, education or training and not receiving any welfare benefits. A staggering 480k young people are ‘hidden’ nationally each year. This is not only detrimental to their wellbeing and future prospects but also results in a £440m loss of revenue from potential income tax/national insurance contributions.

Highlights from our research:

  • Unemployed young people who do not access welfare benefits or statutory support are often excluded from employability programmes because they are too qualified or are in part-time/insecure employment, such as zero hours contracts.
  • Many ‘hidden’ young people are closer to the job market than we might imagine having achieved good GCSE qualifications and continued with their education beyond 16.
  • Often ‘hidden’ young people were also facing complex and challenging circumstances beyond their control, such as caring responsibilities or mental ill health, meaning that appropriate support/interventions were also needed to prevent a negative impact on their employment outcomes.

London Youth is calling for an overhaul of youth strategies and a tripartite approach between Government, business and youth sectors to fund youth-centric employment initiatives and re-engage these young people.

Young Londoners & Work Experience

November 2016

This survey of almost 600 16-24-year-olds shows how 63% of young Londoners believe they are denied career-making work experience opportunities because they think employers value ‘who you know, not what you know’ and don’t take account of individuals’ skills or ambition.

The survey also reveals that:

  • 80% of them say it is difficult to break into the jobs market without relevant work experience
  • 85% of them want employers to offer more work experience opportunities.

The poll shows how key London growth industries such as creative and culture, finance, and media are the most in demand – but can feel impenetrable when it comes to getting work experience.

Reach Out. Enable. Connect.

February 2016

This report draws on our learning from our first two years of delivery. At the time of publish, more than 250 young Londoners facing some of the biggest barriers to building careers had already landed jobs through our approach which reaches out, re-engages, and connects them back into jobs, training and self employment opportunities.

Using official data, this report estimates that the capital has as many as 35,000 disengaged and jobless young people who – for a variety of complex reasons – are not claiming any out of work benefits and therefore by and large do not or cannot access help to build positive futures for themselves.