29 Sep 15

Talent Match Cornwall brings their talents to London!

On Monday 24th August, we gave our friends at Talent Match Cornwall a whistle stop tour of careers in London. Talent Match Cornwall members Lewis, Bernie, Kelain, Bianca, Lexi, Myles and Ollie, along with three members of staff, brought their talents down to London to find out about the career options available to them in the capital.

Day one

The group kicked off their first day in London at the London Transport Museum, where they found out about the different apprenticeships, training courses and work opportunities available. Gloria Gaspard, London Transport Museum Young People’s Skills Programme Co-ordinator was on hand to give the group a tour of the building and London’s oldest and most iconic transport methods.

Later that morning, the group jumped on a bus to visit a Build-it site in Brixton with Talent Match London’s own Rich Straker. Build-it team leader James Alexander explained the various projects that they had been working on, including the renovation of flats and an outdoor construction project.

The last visit of the day was a trip to HM Treasury, where the group got to grips with the work of the economic and finance ministry and meet with young apprentice Donald Selman.

Day two

It was straight off to Talent Match London HQ the next morning, where the group meet the Talent Match London team and got a cheeky tour of the office.

Next up was a visit to Woodrow High House, a residential centre which provides courses and activities for schools and youth groups in London and surrounding areas. Woodrow also offers Level 2 Apprenticeships in Activity Leadership for those interested in sport and the outdoors. This apprenticeship offer caught the eye of Talent Match Cornwall’s Kelain who decided be apply.

The final spot of the trip was to Whitechapel to meet the team behind London’s Air Ambulance and find out about their experiences. Located at the top of the Royal London Hospital, the group got the opportunity to go on the famous London Air Ambulance helipad and take in the amazing views of the capital.

That’s all folks!

It was great to host Talent Match Cornwall who were incredible guests.

“The visit from Talent Match Cornwall first and foremost was most important for the young people involved,” said Rich. “The more information on careers that a young person has can only help their future development. London is a city full of a wide range of opportunities and careers and the guys from Cornwall were able to hear from a wide variety of these”.

Lexi from Talent Match Cornwall was also equally impressed. “I wasn’t sure if we were going to be sat in offices all the time,” said Lexi, 23, “But it was a really good mix. We got the chance to sample a lot of different opportunities and talk to a lot of people, but we also got to see a bit of the London culture. Please don’t stop doing this – it really makes a difference!”TML