23 May 16

The youth committee Link up!

On Thursday 12th May, the Talent Match London youth committee came together at Richmix in Shoreditch for the first ever Talent Match London Committee Link Up of 2016!

The Link up was designed to enable team building across the Talent Match London youth committee who all work in different Talent Match London partnerships. The day kicked off with some fun team challenges which brought out everyone’s competitiveness nature. As part of the team challenges the committee had to lead a fitness class, take a team photo outside Shoreditch High Street Station, take a photo of something they considered to be art, do something nice for a homeless person and help an elderly person. Talent Match London youth committee member Ayo said, “I enjoyed the team building exercises and going out into the community. The tasks were tough but we did it well.”

After a quick pause the youth committee returned to Richmix to take part in some fun team games, which provided a lot of banter and laughs. There were some quirky games involving flour, chocolate and more traditional games like relay racing. “I enjoyed the relay race in the team building”, said Craig Talent Match London  youth committee member said. “Everyone enjoyed the races, and I think it was due to the competitiveness of it. It wasn’t quite in the league of the Olympics, but everyone got into the spirit of cheering their team members on and willing them to win.”

After a delicious lunch at Nando’s, the teams returned to Richmix to prepare for the closing talent show. For the talent show teams were asked to prepare a creative piece exploring the theme of youth leadership. Tola  Talent Match London youth committee member  said, “I enjoyed the mini talent show at the end. There are so many talented young people on Talent Match. We need to do Talent Match has Got Talent!”

The Link up was a great day for the youth committee to get together and develop the skills they need to be an awesome partnership. With the success of the first Link up, it’s safe to assume there will be plenty of others in store for the Talent Match London youth committee!