19 Feb 15

What young people in London really think about youth employability

Young people need to have a voice

The challenges young people face are regularly discussed, by people on the news, by policy makers, staff within charities, but more often than not it is adults speaking about what they think are the problems for young people, and them giving their ideas of how the problems can be solved. We think who better to ask about the issues young people are facing, than young people themselves. Also, it is important to give young people the chance to come up with their solutions to these problems, that they think are realistic and appealing.

In the Talent Match London youth board, we know that youth employment is a massive issue, we know this through the figures and numbers, but also first hand from the people we work with and talk to. But other than the fact it is an important issue, what else do we know about it? How do young people really feel about employability, what exactly are the challenges, what concerns do young people actually have surrounding this huge issue? So, we have decided to find solutions, by asking the people directly affected by employability issues.

We are undertaking a project where we find out young people’s views on youth employment. We started off by getting young people’s views across the partnership on what they think affects youth employment the most, which we then used this information to construct a questionnaire. We then added a lot of open questions to get broader views from other young people. We have a 2 week window where we are sending out questionnaires and get as many young people aged from 18-24 from our networks to fill them out.

With the completed questionnaires, we will collect and analyse all of the data and present our finding! This document will be able to show us what young people really think about youth employment, and how it can be improved.

To fill out the questionnaire, please email me on:  [email protected]