What do they teach at the courses of event decoration with flowers?

Courses in event decoration with flowers are designed to provide in-depth knowledge and training on the art of floral design and arrangement, tailored specifically for special occasions and events. They typically cover a wide range of topics including the fundamentals of floral design, principles of color and design theory, and techniques for creating floral arrangements for various events such as weddings, parties, and corporate functions.

In these courses, students learn about different types of flowers, their characteristics, and how to care for them to ensure they remain fresh and vibrant. They are taught how to select the right flowers based on the event’s theme, season, and budget. These courses also touch on the cultural significance of certain flowers, equipping students with the sensitivity to cater to diverse clientele.

Moreover, attendees acquire skills in creating various types of floral displays such as table centerpieces, bouquets, corsages, flower crowns, and large-scale installations. They learn how to combine flowers with other elements like candles, fabrics, and lights to create a cohesive and visually appealing set-up.

Courses also delve into the practical aspects of event decoration with flowers. Students are taught how to source flowers, negotiate with suppliers, and manage logistics. They also learn about safety practices to ensure that their designs are not only beautiful but also stable and secure.

In addition, these courses often include sessions on business and marketing strategies for those interested in pursuing a career in event decoration. They cover topics such as pricing, portfolio building, client relations, and social media marketing.

Overall, courses in event decoration with flowers offer a comprehensive curriculum that combines theoretical knowledge, practical skills, and business acumen to prepare students for a successful career in the field.


Prices for floral event design courses in London

Floral event design courses in London are sought for their high-quality teaching and hands-on experience. The prices for these courses vary widely, depending on several factors. These include the reputation of the institution offering the course, the course’s duration, and the depth of the knowledge imparted. Some prestigious institutions charge a premium for their courses due to their renowned faculty and extensive resources. A comprehensive course, covering all aspects of floral event design from basic arrangement techniques to advanced design concepts, can cost anywhere from £500 to £2,000 or even more. On the other hand, shorter courses or workshops focusing on specific elements of floral design might be priced lower, often ranging from £100 to £500. It’s also important to note that some courses include the cost of materials used, while others require students to purchase their own supplies. Other factors affecting the price may include the class size, with smaller, more intimate classes generally being more expensive than larger ones. Additionally, some institutions offer payment plans or scholarships, allowing more flexibility for students. Ultimately, the cost reflects the quality of instruction and the potential return on investment for the student. Aspiring floral event designers should carefully consider their budget, goals, and the specific offerings of each course before making a final decision.

Where to study floral event design courses in London

In the bustling city of London, there are numerous institutions that offer extensive courses in floral event design, catering to both beginners and advanced learners. The renowned Covent Garden Academy of Flowers provides a comprehensive range of courses, from one-day workshops to week-long intensive programs, allowing students to immerse themselves in the art of floral design. The British Academy of Floral Art, although not situated in London, is easily accessible and offers a variety of online and onsite courses in floral event design. The London Flower School is another excellent choice for those interested in mastering the craft. They offer intensive career courses in floral design and event styling, as well as short courses for hobbyists. McQueens Flower School, situated in trendy East London, is famous worldwide for offering progressive and innovative floral design courses, attracting students from all over the globe. The Judith Blacklock Flower School in Knightsbridge is another notable institution, providing a comprehensive curriculum that covers all aspects of floral design, event planning and business skills. A notable course is their ‘Events Masterclass’ where students plan and execute a floral event from start to finish. Furthermore, the Academy of Floristry in Bexley, South East London, provides a unique opportunity to learn the craft in a hands-on, practical way. Their courses focus on the skills required to work in the floral industry and include business considerations for those thinking of setting up their own floral design business. These institutions foster creativity, innovation, and technical skills, enriching the learning experience of their students and equipping them with the necessary expertise to excel in the floral event design industry.


The best online courses for florists and floral event design

Online course platforms have become an exceptional resource for aspiring florists and floral event designers seeking to enhance their skills and knowledge from the comfort of their own homes. Among the plethora of available options, a few stand out for their comprehensive curriculum, innovative teaching approach, and high-quality content. Skillshare offers a class named “Floral Design for Events and Arrangements”, where budding florists can learn to create beautiful arrangements suitable for a variety of occasions. Meanwhile, Udemy’s “Professional Floral Design” course provides in-depth lessons on the art of floral arrangement, covering both basic and advanced techniques. “Floral Design Institute’s Basic Floral Design Online Program” is an excellent option for beginners, providing a solid foundation in the principles and elements of design, flower care, and floral techniques. For those interested in wedding designs, the “Team Flower Online Classes” offer a comprehensive guide to planning, pricing, and executing stunning floral displays for weddings. Finally, the “New York Institute of Art and Design’s Complete Course in Event Planning” incorporates a thorough module on floral design, which is beneficial for those wanting to venture into the event planning industry. These online courses offer the flexibility to learn at your own pace, making it easier for individuals to balance their learning with other commitments. They are taught by industry professionals who provide practical tips and tricks, real-world insights, and hands-on projects to ensure students can put theory into practice. With these online courses, aspiring florists and floral event designers can hone their craft and elevate their career prospects.