Where to order event decoration with flowers in London

If you are planning an event in London and seeking to incorporate the elegance and beauty of flowers in your decoration, there are a plethora of highly skilled florists who can transform your vision into reality. One such place is McQueens Flowers, an internationally recognized floral design business based in Clerkenwell. They provide bespoke floral services for events, and their impressive client list includes Claridge’s and the Vanity Fair Oscar party. Another exceptional option is the New Covent Garden Market. This is the largest wholesale flower market in the UK, where many professional florists and event planners source their blooms. They also have a directory of florists on their website who can provide event decoration services.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a company that combines both event planning and floristry, Event Flowers & Plants could be the perfect fit. They offer a full floristry service including contract flowers, event flowers, wedding flowers, and more. Their team of experienced event planners and florists can help you create a stunning floral backdrop for your event.

Similarly, Bloomsbury Flowers, founded by former Royal Ballet dancers, is known for their exquisite floral arrangements and excellent customer service. They are well-equipped to handle event decoration requirements, whether for a small intimate gathering or a large corporate event.

Lastly, Wild at Heart, a luxury florist based in Notting Hill, offers bespoke floral design for events. Founded by Nikki Tibbles, Wild at Heart is renowned for their opulent, unique and creative designs.

Whatever your event, theme, or floral preference, these London-based florists can provide the expertise, creativity, and high-quality blooms to make your event truly memorable. Whether you are looking for classic roses, exotic orchids, or whimsical wildflowers, they can source and arrange the perfect flowers to suit your event. Remember, flowers can set the mood, reinforce your theme, and bring a splash of color and life to any event.


The best event design agencies in London

London hosts an array of event design agencies, each renowned for their ingenious creativity, immaculate planning, and exceptional execution. Among these, some stand out for their exceptional flair and proficiency. ‘Event Concept’ is one such agency, known for transforming clients’ visions into spectacular realities. Their expertise spans across various event types, such as corporate gatherings, product launches, and even extravagant weddings.

‘Inception Group’ is another notable agency with a reputation for their innovative and audacious designs. They have a knack for creating extraordinary experiences that leave a lasting impression on attendees. Similarly, ‘Wonder London’ excels in producing digital and live events that push boundaries, offering clients a unique blend of creativity and technology.

‘Brandfuel’ is an agency well-respected for its comprehensive services. They handle every aspect of event design, from conceptualisation to execution, ensuring a seamless experience for their clients. Their meticulous attention to detail is reflected in the stunning events they curate.

Another worthy mention is ‘Chillisauce’, an agency that specialises in crafting unforgettable experiences. They are known for their inventive concepts and flawless execution, making them a go-to for many businesses and individuals.

Finally, ‘Mask Events’ deserves recognition for their bespoke event design services. They are known for their personalised approach, crafting events that reflect each client’s unique brand and vision. Their creative team is adept at pushing the envelope, delivering events that captivate and engage attendees.

In conclusion, London is home to a myriad of exceptional event design agencies. Whether clients are seeking innovation, extravagance, or a touch of uniqueness, these agencies have the skills and creativity to deliver astounding results. Their commitment to excellence and their ability to understand and translate a client’s vision into reality set these London agencies apart in the world of event design.

Prices for event decoration with flowers in London

Event decoration with flowers in London is a highly sought-after service due to its ability to transform any gathering into a visually appealing spectacle. Prices for this service can vary greatly depending on several factors including the types and quantities of flowers used, the complexity of the design arrangement, the size of the venue, and the time needed for setup and tear down. Commonly, florists in this bustling city offer various packages to cater to different budget ranges and event scales, from intimate gatherings to grand celebrations.

For a basic decoration package, prices may start from a few hundred pounds. This typically includes minimalistic arrangements such as table centerpieces and entrance décor. On the other hand, comprehensive packages that cover extensive venue decoration with premium flowers like roses, lilies, or orchids could potentially cost a few thousand pounds. These elaborate packages often include intricate floral installations, such as archways, wall decorations, and even ceiling drapery.

Customised decoration plans are also an option and are priced according to the specific requirements of the client. These bespoke services provide flexibility in terms of flower selection, design style, and arrangement placements. However, they may come with a higher price tag due to the extra time and effort needed for personalisation.

Additionally, the seasonality of flowers also plays a part in pricing. Out-of-season flowers may increase the cost due to the difficulty in sourcing them. Therefore, it is advisable for clients to discuss their preferred floral décor with the decorator well in advance to avoid any unexpected costs.

It’s also worth noting that most florists in London offer consultation services, either for free or for a small fee, to help clients understand their options and make informed decisions. This way, clients can find a decoration plan that fits perfectly within their budget, while still achieving their desired aesthetic for their event. Overall, while event decoration with flowers in London comes with a cost, the breathtaking results often make it a worthwhile investment.