Advantages of using natural flowers for cake decorating

Natural flowers offer a myriad of advantages when it comes to cake decorating. Firstly, they enhance the aesthetic appeal of any cake, giving it an exquisite, fresh and vibrant look. The wide variety of colors, shapes, and sizes that flowers come in provide endless possibilities for creativity and customization, which can be tailored to match the theme or style of any occasion.

Secondly, natural flowers are eco-friendly. By choosing to decorate with natural blooms, we are reducing the demand for artificial decorations that could contribute to environmental pollution. Furthermore, flowers are biodegradable, meaning they won’t contribute to landfill waste once the cake has been consumed.

Thirdly, certain edible flowers can add an unexpected layer of flavor to the cake. For instance, violets are often sweet, while nasturtiums have a peppery taste. This can elevate the overall culinary experience, making the cake not just visually pleasing, but also a treat for the taste buds.

Lastly, using natural flowers can also promote the local economy. By sourcing flowers from local growers, we are supporting local businesses and contributing to job creation in our communities. Therefore, decorating cakes with natural flowers has economic benefits as well.

In conclusion, natural flowers are an excellent choice for cake decorating. They offer visual appeal, environmental benefits, unique flavors, and economic support for local communities. However, it is important to ensure that the flowers used are safe for consumption and have been grown without the use of harmful chemicals.


Ideas for decorating cakes with real flowers

Decorating cakes with real flowers can add a unique, elegant, and natural element to your dessert presentation. There are many ways to incorporate flowers into your cake design, but it’s important to ensure the flowers you choose are safe and non-toxic for consumption. Edible flowers such as pansies, violets, and marigolds are popular choices. You can use flowers to create a cascading effect down the sides of your cake, place them on top for a vibrant crown, or scatter them around the base for a charming garden effect.

When using real flowers, it’s crucial to prepare them properly. Wash them gently but thoroughly to remove any dirt or insects. If you’re not using edible flowers, ensure they are separated from the cake by a barrier like wax paper to prevent contamination.

Color coordination is also a key factor in floral cake decoration. You can choose flowers that match the icing or cake flavor, or opt for contrasting colors for a striking visual impact. For instance, a vanilla cake with lemon icing can be beautifully complemented by yellow and white daisies or roses.

Creating patterns or shapes with flowers is another innovative approach. You can form a floral heart on a Valentine’s Day cake or a colorful wreath on a Christmas cake. The choice of flowers can also communicate a theme or occasion. For instance, roses are perfect for romantic occasions like anniversaries or weddings, while sunflowers or daisies are great for summer parties.

Finally, remember that less is often more when it comes to decorating cakes with flowers. Too many flowers can overwhelm the cake and detract from its taste. A few well-placed, carefully chosen blooms can create a stunning effect that will impress your guests and make your cake the star of the dessert table.

Popular flowers for decorating cakes for the holidays

Decorating cakes for the holidays is a delightful tradition that many people look forward to each year. One of the popular ways to add a festive touch to these sweet treats is by using flowers. Not only do they add a visually appealing aesthetic to the cake, but they can also enhance the overall flavor, depending on the flower chosen. Among the most popular choices are roses, which are not only beautiful to look at but also safe to eat. Roses come in a variety of colors, making them an excellent choice for any festive occasion. Another favorite is pansies. With their vibrant colors and mild flavor, they can turn any ordinary cake into an extraordinary masterpiece.

In addition to these, marigolds are also a popular choice. Their bright orange and yellow hues are perfect for creating a warm and festive atmosphere. For a more unique touch, people often opt for edible orchids. Their exotic beauty and delicate flavor make them a sophisticated choice for holiday cakes.

Moreover, violets and nasturtiums are also commonly used in cake decoration. Violets, with their sweet, floral taste, offer a delightful surprise, while nasturtiums, with their peppery flavor, provide a pleasant contrast to the sweetness of the cake.

It’s important to note that while these flowers add a beautiful and often delicious touch to holiday cakes, they must always be used in moderation and be sure they are edible and pesticide-free. It’s recommended to always source them from reliable suppliers or grow them organically at home.

In conclusion, flowers are a versatile and popular choice for decorating cakes for the holidays. They not only enhance the visual appeal of these treats but can also add an interesting flavor profile. Whether it’s roses, pansies, marigolds, orchids, violets, or nasturtiums, there’s a flower for every cake and every occasion.


Where to order cakes with real floral decor in London

If you’re looking for a beautiful and unique cake adorned with real floral decor in London, there are numerous cake shops that offer this incredible service. One such place is the renowned Peggy Porschen, located in the heart of Belgravia. They offer an array of exquisite cakes, adorned with real flowers, perfect for weddings, birthdays or any special occasion. Another option is the Hummingbird Bakery, famed for their delicious and beautifully decorated cakes. You can order from their existing range or ask for a custom design with your choice of flowers.

If you’re after a more bespoke service, then Juliet Sear is a must-try. As a baking artist, she creates edible masterpieces, often featuring real flowers, and her work has been featured in many high-profile events. Similarly, Rosalind Miller Cakes, a winner of numerous awards, offers custom-made cakes decorated with flowers that are nothing short of works of art.

For those who prefer a more modern approach, Cutter and Squidge, located in Soho, offers a range of cakes with a unique floral touch. Their cakes are not just about aesthetics but also about taste, with flavors ranging from classic vanilla to exotic passionfruit.

Alternatively, you could go for Konditor, an independent London-based company that specializes in hand-crafted cakes of all sizes. Their floral designs are stunning, with flowers meticulously arranged to create an enchanting effect.

Finally, there’s Lily Vanilli, a bakery located in East London, known for their innovative and creative designs. They create cakes with real flowers, each one a unique masterpiece.

All these cake shops offer online ordering and delivery services, making it easy for you to get the floral cake of your dreams without stepping out of your home. With such a wide array of options, finding a place to order cakes with real floral decor in London is as easy as pie.